I come from the dark Abyss, the Uterus!
And I conclude in dark Abyss, the Tomb!

I am the lord of the earth, it is of mine
Flesh and blood of mine by the name of my parents
A wild voice calls my race and me
The dead are laid on the soil
They have become birds, trees and air
I sit in shadows feeding from their flesh
They become ideas, passion and destiny becomes my will

I am afraid I humiliate my ancestors
I am brave my rage rises!
My passion, my beliefs are older than my heart
My body is the men, the women and the children of my race
I sing hanged from the Abyss
The magic proud incantation

Pisteyo se ena theo akrita Digeni
Strateymeno, pasxonta, megalodynamo
Oxi pantodynamo, polemisth sta akrotata synora
Stratigo, aytokratora se oles tis foteines dynameis
Tis orates kai tis aorates