We are sleepless, experience it!
We also live when our senses sleep
Oh, night, you close our eyes
But our blood never sleeps
We shift along something that is moving
And we strive these deepest hours to read the naught

Here and now seems like two separate ways
But separation cannot be!
Through the meaning of our symbols
We conceive the deepest truths
For the ones with sleepless senses
We listen to the words of night and storm
Of woods and stars
We acknowledge death and glorify him

From the five year old boy until me it's only a step
From the newborn child until the five year old boy,
The space is vast

Our bodies show the wrath of time
Our birth is our enigma
From the five year old boy until me it's only a step

We acknowledge our infinite solitude throughout
The cosmos
Here lies the foundation of every religion
We smile ironically before the pensive carefree child
There exist as many worlds, as many as the sleepless beings
We strive for our lives and cease every passing moment
Only the lilies of the fields don't need to do it