[Lyrics by: Rex Lupis]

Yearning -- for her touch
Waiting -- for her heart
Bleeding -- for my loss
Hating -- what we are

Who are you, now? What could you be?
A beast so foul or a beauty?
Memories start to taint me
I ignore all I can see
To conserve a memory
From a time when I was happy
An illusion, what you tell me
This demon is all I see

For you -- I walk away again
For me -- try to comprehend
For honour -- I do not speak a word
For I know -- my words are never heard

Finding - your true form
Revolting - what you are
A sadist -- needs comfort from the weak
As she -- devours hopes and dreams

I can see you becoming
I can see your dreams
I can see inside you
And wish I couldn't see
To see a beast so foul
Out of such virtue
Finally breaks my denial
There's no love for you

Your true nature becomes you
As you rape my dreams
You are not of virtue
Just playing a game
Lies spoken to feed your ego
So that it might swell
But what I've found

Time with you is hell